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We are a full-services commercial solar panels provider for businesses. We sell, install, as well as service the most durable and advanced products as an Authorized Dealer. All our products are higher in efficiency and sure to assist you save on costs. All our systems are intended to conform to the building codes and all our superior projects management methodology makes sure that your solar system is done within budget and on time.
We design every system exclusive to your needs, your structure, and your expectation. Higher power density for the commercial roofs with some limited sizes Architecturally-integrated, unique designs Flat, roof-mounted, non-penetrating designs Lower maintenance and no noises operation Clean energy outputs Comprehensive systems warranty For free installation, call us right away.
Why Should Your Business Should Go Solar? Now more businesses are switching to solar power as a means to manage the costs. With solar power systems, there are solid investment return, government incentives like rebates or tax credits, and the solar powered-businesses enjoy lower overall power costs consistently. If you’ve the required roof space, why don’t turn it into worthwhile investment which pays for itself? The financial savings can really make a great impact on the bottom line and your profits.
For corporations and businesses, solar energy also provides an opportunity to show environmental responsibility. Clients, customers, employees and vendors, care about the kinds of businesses they link with. Improve the brand and image as forward-thinking, sustainable business who cares regarding our environment and community.

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Durable and high-efficiency solar systems Longest warranty in the industry Exclusive systems intended for your requirements Own, finance or lease options Superior customer support
Our family-owned company gets our clients the peace-of-your-mind of working with local businesses with deep experience and knowledge in the area. Moreover, we will work with you in order to make solar power a reality in the business or home, take control of future energy cost, and offer 24/7 customer services.
Our specialists staff includes Certified electricians, professional solar designers who actually have created hundreds of thorough system plans, solar consultants and trained installers, and operations experts to guide you via financing options, inspection and permitting processes. We greatly pride ourselves on outstanding customer services and offering our customers an extensive range of ways to system ownerships, including loan, lease or purchase. We’re very proud to have gained the rights to be your unique Master Dealer as we believe in product we sell - Powering Brighter Tomorrow with most sustainable systems available. Why Choose Us? Exceptional 24-hours customer services Team of skilled electricians who are certified—the gold standards for solar thermal and PV installers 25-years warranty offered via SunPower on labour, materials, and production of the system Options to finance, lease, or own